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"I studied guitar with Dave Coe from third grade till the week before I went to college.

What makes Dave a great teacher is his ability to work with his students on so many different topics and levels. Dave taught me to read music, to improvise, play my favorite songs, and write my own music.

As I got older and began playing in my own bands, Dave helped me find my own voice on the instrument.  I have been a professional for the past twenty years, and I can confidently say that Dave’s influence on me as a player and a teacher is something I draw on everyday."

-Eric Donnelly


"David Coe was more than a guitar teacher for me, he was my musical mentor. Along with my wonderful vocal coach Tracey Marble, Dave prepared me for Berklee College of Music.

More than anything, I'm so grateful that Dave gave me the exact training that I needed for my own musical journey. Early on he realized that my biggest passion was songwriting and becoming a performing singer/songwriter. Dave taught me to play the music of my song writing heroes, like The Beatles and James Taylor. He encouraged me to write my own music and taught me different chord progressions and voicings that I use to this day in my songs.

I'm proud to say that I've been able to build a career as a full-time touring singer/songwriter. I most definitely credit Dave with helping me reach that lofty goal. My only regret is that I don't attend weekly lessons with him right now because of my touring schedule.

There's always so much to learn and Dave is an encyclopedia of guitar and musical knowledge.

I could not recommend him more highly! Whether you're just starting down your musical road ore farther along in your journey, David is the perfect teacher and a world-class human being to boot!"

-Jesse Terry


"I have studied guitar with David Coe for almost five years.  In that time not only has my guitar playing skill dramatically advanced and developed but my appreciation for and knowledge of music and music theory have substantially increased, as well.  David is not simply a guitar instructor but rather a teacher in the fullest definition of that word.  David utilizes his incredible guitar skills and music knowledge as a basis and platform to provide the opportunity for students to truly learn and progress in an environment that is student based and friendly.  David’s lessons are tailored to the student individually, structured to provide the best format and mechanism for both learning and enjoyment. David provides detailed instruction and learning with encouragement and a sincere appreciation of the student’s individual skills and situation.  I look forward to each lesson and leave each lesson feeling more impassioned and better equipped to play guitar, practice guitar and love music.  Simply, each lesson with David is a joy."


-Gary R.

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